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“Welcome to our automated shop offering fresh fruit and vegetables”

Fabien en Stephanie Carlier, farmers, Houplines – Frankrijk

“For three generations we’ve been growing vegetables, including potatoes, to sell door-to-door from our van. But since 2018, we also offer fruit and vegetables through vending machines, here on the farm.”

“Vendavid's machines do offer a lot of capacity.”

What is the main advantage of selling potatoes through a vending machine?

“That we are able to sell our products to more customers, directly, without having to serve them full-time. And with great success: we started with two vending machines, but just a year later a third was added. Today, we offer no less than 23 types of products in our ‘automated fruit and vegetable shop’: potatoes, seasonal fruit and vegetables that are typical of our region, eggs…”

Why did you opt for Vendavid’s vending machines?

“At first we considered vending machines with lockers, but we were unable to fit all our products in them. However, Vendavid’s machines do offer a lot of capacity. In total they can contain 463 units. Available at any time of the day and always fresh, thanks to the temperature control.”

How do you feel about your decision?

“Very satisfied. Not only do we sell a lot, the after sales service of Vendavid is also highly appreciated. If necessary – which is not often the case – Christophe quickly assists us in case of problems. 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. On the spot, also on Sundays, or by e-mail or video chat.”

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