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sell more with more profit, thanks to our potato vending

Looking for a way to sell more fruit and vegetables, directly from the farm to the customer?
Without extra efforts and with a higher return? Sell your products via our potato vending machine, which you can buy or lease.

More turnover

you reach more customers because you sell 24/7, also at other locations.

More return

you determine your own price and margin, because you sell directly.

More time

because you sell via the vending machine, without having to operate yourself.

More production

you do not only offer potatoes, but also other fruit and vegetables.

Easily movable

The move involves nothing more than pulling the plug and plugging in at the new location.

Delivered ready
for use

The machine is delivered fully enclosed. The customer does not need to provide any additional shelter, heating, ventilation etc.

Ready to use

After placement and connection, the dispenser is immediately ready for use.

“Anyone who sells via an agricultural vending machine also satisfies consumers who want to buy their products as fresh as possible, directly from the farm.”

Christophe David, business manager Vendavid

Why opt for Vendavid?

Enjoy unbeatable quality

Sell a large quantities in a limited space

Always sell fresh products

Follow closely your turnover

“We rarely need to intervene. If we do, we arrive at the scene quickly. Because time is money, literally.”

Christophe David, business manager Vendavid

Quick installation and service

If you order a potato vending machine from Vendavid, it will be delivered quickly and professionally installed. This can be done wherever electricity is available: at your farm, on the market square, at a gas station, at a local shop … And all over Europe. After that, your vending machine is immediately ready for use. Our vending machines are top notch. Therefore, there is a very small chance of malfunction. When intervention is required, we offer you a fast and excellent service. We can always be contacted. You benefit from a 2-year warranty on your machine.

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