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What makes a Vendavid vending machine for agricultural products unique?

Our machines are the best solution to sell your agricultural products directly to your customers

What makes our potato, fruit and vegetable vending machines unique? With us, you buy a vending machine of rock-solid quality that you can always count on. In addition, it is adapted to your needs or even completely tailor-made.

Frequently Asked Questions about Vendavid vending machines (FAQ)

Omdat wij jou zo goed mogelijk willen informeren en je wellicht tal van vragen hebt over de werking van onze verkoopautomaten, bieden we jou hieronder het antwoord op die concrete vragen. Heb je toch nog een vraag of wil je ons graag persoonlijk spreken, aarzel dan niet om ons te contacteren. We zijn ervan overtuigd dat we je met onze verkoopautomaten een praktische, duurzame en commerciële oplossing bieden.

image of the blue engines in the vending machine that turn the stainless steel shelves with the agricultural products

Vendavid vending machines work with a carousel system. When your customer selects a product, the layer rotates until the right product is behind the door. The customer can then take out his or her fresh potatoes, vegetables or fruit.

Your customer can also see the products in the evening, thanks to the built-in LED lighting. The vending machine is equipped with heating and ventilation as standard. Do you need to keep the products cool to remain fresh? Then cooling is also an option.

Once your customer has chosen their product, they can pay securely with coins and bank notes, or with a bank card, thanks to the optional card reader. Nowadays this form of payment is a must, as people carry less and less cash with them.

Finally, it goes without saying that the machines are burglar-proof. You can leave them with your mind at ease.

Image of 9 vending machines in the workshop. 8 grey and 1 green

Your Vendavid vending machine can take a beating. The chassis consists of sandblasted, galvanised and powder-coated metal. It is surrounded by a solid encasing of sandwich panels with a thickness of 60 mm. The roof is made of anodised aluminium has a long service life and is highly resistant to corrosion. All other components are made of stainless steel.

The vending machine is therefore suitable for outdoor use, without any additional housing. Thanks to the canopy, your customers will not be standing in the rain in bad weather.

Our standard model is 2.50 m wide, 3.00 m deep and 2.30 m high. But the compartments and layers can be tailored to the specific products you sell. Additionally, the vending machine is optionally available in different colours.

Number of layers

You can choose between four to eight layers, as the layers can be 150, 170, 200, 230, 290 and 340 mm high.

Number of compartments

Each layer can have 9, 12, 15, 18 or 24 compartments. We can also set a different number of compartments per layer.

On site, you can see immediately see how much you have sold within a given period, thanks to the counter module. It keeps track of the turnover of that time frame, as well as the number of products sold overall and per layer.

At the same time, you will know, from a distance, exactly how many products your vending machine still contains. Up to three times a day, you will receive a text message with the remaining stock per layer. You will also receive a text message if a layer is nearly sold out and also if that is actually the case, so you can refill it in time to avoid empty compartments. Thanks to the text messages you will also know exactly how many products you need.

If you rent the location of your vending machine and have to pay for its electricity consumption, a kWh counter keeps track of how much electricity your machine uses.

Would you like a potato vending machine for indoors, a double vending machine for extra capacity, etcetera? Anything is possible. Tell us what you need and engage us for fully tailor-made solutions.

La box de briarde aardappelautomaat

Yes, you can buy our machines, but also lease them. Please contact us for more information on specific lease programmes.

Aardappelautomaat verplaatsen met heftruck

Yes, our machines are easy to relocate. You can install them anywhere as long as there is an electricity connection. A sufficiently powerful forklift is sufficient to relocate the vending machine. Do you want to move your vending machine? Feel free to call on us to arrange it for you.

Beeld van de binnenkant van een verkoopautomaat die gevuld is met verschillende landbouwproducten

Our machines are designed to sell a very wide range of agricultural products. The shelves and compartments are modular in function of your products. You decide at the time of purchase how many compartments you need and how big they have to be. Potatoes can be offered in different volumes: 5 kg, 10 kg or more. Naturally, this also applies to other vegetables such as carrots, chicory, salad, beans, celery, etc., or fruit such as strawberries, berries, apples and oranges. Your product range can thus vary perfectly with the seasons.

Installatie aardappelautomaat met heftruck

You determine where to install the vending machine, and we deliver it to that location ready to use. You only have to fill the vending machine with products and connect it to the mains.

Beeld van een automaat, klaar voor verkoop van producten rechtstreeks van de boer aan de klant

You will enjoy a two-year warranty on your vending machine.

Beeld uit video met tekst vendavid en verkoopautomaten 100% belgische productie. Vrachtwagen op de achtergrond

All Vendavid vending machines are designed, manufacturedand assembled in Belgium. More specifically, in our own workshop in Pittem, in the province of West Flanders. A Vendavid vending machine is 100% Belgian craftsmanship and we are proud of that.

We invite you to watch the video about our production.

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