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top notch quality potato vending machine

What distinguishes our potato vending machines from the competition? With us, you can always buy or lease a machine of rock solid quality, on which you can always count on. Adapted to your needs, or even fully customized.

The Vendavid potato vending machines work with a carousel system. If your customer chooses a product, the layer rotates until the right product is behind the door. There your customer can take his fresh vegetables or fruit.

Your customer can also see the products clearly in the evening, thanks to a built-in LED lighting. The vending machine is always equipped with heating and ventilation. You want the products to stay cool in order to keep them fresh? Then cooling is also an option.

Once your customer has chosen his product, he can pay safely with coins and banknotes. Or with a bank card, thanks to the optional card reader. Today, this payment method has become a must, as we are carrying less and less cash with us.

Finally, it goes without saying that the vending machines are burglar-proof. You can leave them with confidence.

Your Vendavid vending machine can take a beating. The chassis consists of sandblasted, metallized and powder coated metal. Around it comes a sturdy frame with sandwich panels with a thickness of 60 mm. The roof consists of anodised aluminium that remains beautiful for a long time and is highly resistant to corrosion. All other parts are made of stainless steel.

Thus, the vending machine is ready for outdoor use, without additional housing. Thanks to the awning, your customer won’t be standing in the rain.

Good to know: due to the sustainability of the potato vending machine, it is eligible for numerous financial support measures provided by the government.

Our standard model is 2.50 m wide, 3.00 m deep and 2.30 m high. But the compartments and layers can be tailored to the specific products you sell. Additionally, the vending machine is optionally available in different colours.

Number of layers

You can choose between four to eight layers, as the layers can be 150, 170, 200, 230, 290 and 340 mm high.

Number of compartments

Each layer can have 9, 12, 15, 18 or 24 compartments. In addition, we can adjust the compartments differently for each layer.

Thanks to the counter module, you can immediately see how much you have sold within a period of your choice. It keeps track of the turnover of that period, as well as the total number of products sold per layer.

You also know from a distance how many products your device still contains. Up to three times a day, you will receive a text message indicating the remaining stockper layer. You will also receive a text message when a layer is almost sold out and subsequently when this is actually the case. So you can refill in time, to avoid empty compartments. To do this, you bring exactly as many products as needed, thanks to the text messages.

If you rent the location of your vending machine and have to pay for its electricity consumption, a kWh counter keeps track of how much energy your machine uses.

Would you like to purchase an indoor potato vending machine, a double vending machine for additional capacity and so on? Feel free to contact us for a tailor-made solution.

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